If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift that will keep on giving… check out this ‘Product for Life’.

It’s incredible; it’s hardy enough to peel the roughest pumpkin, sharp enough to slice perfect vegetable ribbons and gentle enough to slice sashimi. It has a social conscience too – $10 from every purchase comes directly to RMHC New Zealand.

Which is reason enough to add this to your Christmas list! But if you need more, you HAVE to read the story behind this wonderful peeler…

…Some years ago a dear friend of Bruce, the designer and owner of Propeelernz, went through the rigors of chemotherapy treatment, alongside a natural supplement diet high in Beta Carotene.

Family and friends rallied to prepare meals and Bruce was tasked with peeling pumpkins – Crown, Butternut & Buttercup – for various dishes. For those who have not had the joy of peeling pumpkins you need to know that – despite a choice of knives and peelers available – it’s a task fraught with danger. Virtually no knives or peelers are capable!

Bruce searched high and low for ‘the perfect peeler’ only to be constantly disappointed. So he decided to design his own.

“A beautiful one, that felt fit for purpose, was safe to use and wouldn’t break. Not plastic and flimsy. One that would be a “Product for Life” – that could peel anything put in its path including the Buttercup pumpkin… with environmentally friendly packaging.’

And so Propeelernz was born. Sadly Bruce’s beautiful friend passed away, but the product designed in her memory lives on. It’s quickly amassed a cult following among foodies and NZ chefs – including Vanessa Baxter. Recently the owner of New World Remuera fell in love with it too, and wanted to sell it in store.

Bruce agreed – if a portion of the proceeds could be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities® New Zealand.

Currently the Propeeler is only available in New Zealand and now available through New World Remuera for RMHC!

So if you are in Auckland please pop in New World Remuera and buy one or two or ten (!) of these incredible peelers and give them to your nearest and dearest.

Thank you Bruce, thank you NewWorldRemeura, Thank you Propeelernz.