Dine in Darkness

Experience an evening like no other at Dine in Darkness!

Friday 3rd May 2024
Woodend Community Centre
6 School Road, Woodend
5.30pm - 10.00pm

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary culinary adventure where taste, touch, and sound take centre stage. Indulge in delectable flavours heightened by the absence of sight, as darkness becomes your dining companion.

Let your senses awaken as you navigate through a unique gastronomic experience, guided only by your instincts and the tantalising aromas that fill the air.

Tickets are available for $70 per person, offering an evening of mystery and delight.

Contact Terry from Drewdod Promotions to secure your spot today. Don't miss out on this unforgettable event! Visit www.drewdod.com for more details.

Event Contact:
Terry from Drewdod Promotions
021 206 3874
3 May 2024
Woodend Community Centre