Kiwi kids become comic book superheroes

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and Education Publishers Medikidz have developed a new book Medikidz Explain Ronald McDonald House - a first ever Medikidz title that supports the siblings of patients to understand and better cope with having a brother or sister requiring specialist medical treatment.

Each year RMHC welcomes thousands of children to stay at the accommodation programmes. Some of these children are patients but the majority are the brothers and sisters of a patient who are also significantly impacted by the family’s medical journey. These siblings are removed from their usual routine and their wider support networks to live at a Ronald McDonald House whilst having to cope with a critically ill sibling and the anxiety this causes.

“Understandably, the focus of a family tends to be on the patient and we often see the siblings struggle emotionally; anxiety about the welfare of their sibling, adjusting to living in a new environment away from home etc. We felt we needed an induction tool to address these common issues so the goal of the Medikidz book is to provide greater understanding and reassurance to the many siblings who stay with us. ” Anne Kirkpatrick, RMHC Director of Operations.

Twins Sophia and Jospeh Tebbutt from Dargaville are the stars of the book who have been frequently staying at Ronald McDonald House over the last 10 years since Joseph was born with a series of medical complications which require ongoing treatment at the National Children’s Hospital.


To celebrate the launch of the book, RMHC organised a party to celebrate all the young heroes who stay at the House where Sophia and Joseph gave out the books to families for the first time. It will become part of the induction process for all families in the coming weeks.