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About Us

RMHC New Zealand gives families with a hospitalised child what they need most — each other.

RMHC® New Zealand supports families when their child is in a New Zealand hospital away from home. RMHC New Zealand takes care of the practical things in life so families can focus on their child staying in a hospital away from home.

Every year we offer 3,700 families across New Zealand accommodation and support free of charge. This helps to relieve stresses like paying for a place to sleep near the hospital, cooking family meals and needing a friendly ear to listen on tough days.

For a child going through treatment, sometimes the best kind of medicine is having family at their side for hugs, kisses and aroha. The support from RMHC New Zealand helps families cope
better and focus on the needs of their child. RMHC New Zealand gives families with a hospitalised child what they need most — each other.

We are part of a global network which is now over 40 years old and RMHC has Houses operating in over 40 countries.

Our Mission

RMHC New Zealand programmes give families the support they need while their child is in a hospital away from home. Our national network of Ronald McDonald House®, Ronald McDonald Family Room®, Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® and Ronald McDonald Family Retreat programmes make a positive difference to the health and well-being of children and their families.

Our Vision

RMHC New Zealand supports the families of a hospitalised child during difficult times. We are working towards a time when every family whose child is in a hospital away from home will be welcomed and supported by a RMHC programme wherever they are in New Zealand.

Our Annual Reports

RMHC New Zealand Annual Review 2017

RMHC New Zealand Annual Report 2016

Our Programmes

Ronald McDonald House Auckland

Ronald McDonald House South Island

Ronald McDonald House Wellington 

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

Ronald McDonald Family Retreat

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile