Honouring the legacy of Denis Wood

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Denis Wood - our dearest friend, colleague, and a caring soul whom we will remember in so many other ways.

Denis' absence will be felt throughout RMHC® New Zealand. We will forever remember his immense contribution as a Board member of RMH Wellington and, later, RMHC New Zealand. Denis would often dedicate his time to volunteering at the House and he remained a valued and generous supporter, always giving with all his heart. Though he is no longer with us, his unwavering support of our Mission over the years, and his counsel, care and friendship lives on in the love and hospitality we share with the families we serve.

Denis’ connection and support for RMHC New Zealand was cemented during a one-on-one meeting with one of our Global Founders, Dr Audrey Evans.

One of our past chairs of RMH Wellington, Harvey Rees-Thomas, fondly recalls his memories of working with Denis:

Denis was a true gentleman.

His commitment to the Ronald McDonald House® programmes was at every level - in governance and in hands-on devotion to serving others. His wisdom was always valued, and his warm smile and personality brightened every meeting.

Denis would speak his mind plainly and unreservedly and we all listened carefully because he was always astute in his observations. As a businessman he was the model of integrity, but he added a special wit and a most pleasant manner in every engagement.

While this is a sad time indeed, the work, care, friendship, and wise counsel of Denis endures in our hearts. Thank you, Denis.

Our love and sympathy extend to the family and close friends of Denis, with thanks for sharing him with so many.

As we remember Denis’ life, we extend our deepest condolences and thoughts to his family and friends. Denis’ remarkable journey has touched us all; his memory guiding us as we continue the work he cared so deeply about. Thank you, Denis, for the lasting inspiration and legacy you have left in our memories and hearts forever.

Wayne Howett and from all of our people at RMHC New Zealand