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Our Houses provide a 'home-away-from-home', offering families a safe haven to retreat to, after a long day on the ward.

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Staying at Ronald McDonald House® Auckland

Families come to our House in Auckland from across New Zealand. Though the average length of stay is seven days, many families will to stay for weeks and months on end. Our Houses provide a home away from home, offering families a safe haven to retreat to, after a long day on the ward. From stocked kitchens to cosy lounges, we appreciate how important it is for our families to escape the clinical world of medicine, and take comfort from the familiarity and routine of a home-like environment.

Our staff are here to assist you throughout your stay. They’ll help you to find your way around, explain how the House works and put you in touch with the appropriate support networks if needed.


Frequently asked questions about staying at Ronald McDonald House Auckland

Who can stay?

We cannot accommodate you unless you have a referral from your doctor, district health board or social worker. Our rooms can accommodate a maximum of five people, one room per family, and you can stay with us for the entire duration that your child is in the National Children's Hospital.

Families of children (under 18) sent to Auckland for diagnosis or to receive treatment at the National Children's Hospital may stay at Ronald McDonald House Auckland for the duration of their treatment cycle or until diagnosis is complete and they are discharged.

Transplant children sometimes stay in the House with their families while waiting for surgery and while recovering from their operation, as do some oncology patients during longer treatment regimes.

A family is best described as caregivers (parents, step parents, grandparents, foster parents, occasionally aunts or uncles) of patients, and their siblings (brothers or sisters or half brothers and sisters).

If a child other than those we’ve described usually lives with you as a permanent member of the household we may (depending on occupancy at the time) be able to accommodate them with you. Please ask if you need our help with this.

How do we book in? 

To ensure you're eligible for travel and accommodation financial support, you must be registered with the Ministry of Health.

Please note: You need your registration number before leaving or your travel and accommodation will not be funded – if it hasn’t arrived before you leave home, please contact your local district health board.

If there is time, please call us on +64 9 365 8300 to confirm your booking 24 hours before you are due to arrive.

What is the Check-in process?

To check in you must go to Ronald McDonald House Auckland Domain and our family liaison staff will advise you where you will be accommodated. We now have two facilities and are unable to guarantee which facility you will be staying at, as this very much depends on our occupancy levels at the time of your arrival.

Our administration is open from 8:30am until 9pm daily. Please ensure you arrive within these times.

Please also check your pre-arrival letter for additional instructions for everything we go through here.

If you arrive early, or indeed at any time in the morning, your room may not be immediately available. Don’t worry if your room is not ready - we can still check you in and orientate you. We’ll store your luggage until your room has been cleared and thoroughly cleaned.

If you’re arriving the night before you are due at the hospital and we have your booking, please arrive no later than 9pm.

To ensure your stay at Ronald McDonald House Auckland is a comfortable one, we ask you to allow 20 minutes when you arrive for check-in and orientation.

We ask everybody who is booked into the House, Family Room or one of the nearby motels to sign an agreement. This is so everyone staying with us understands the level of behaviour we expect, and so that everyone can have a comfortable stay. The House Rules cover things like child supervision in the House or nearby motel, use of the fitness centre, visitor rules and our drug and alcohol policies.

You will also be told about regular House events, like our free weekly family dinners.

Lastly, you will be taken on a tour of the House so you can find your way around.

Are we allowed visitors? 

Visitors are welcome in the House from 10am until 9pm each night. We do ask that they are not invited by you to eat with our families on Family Dinner nights as this makes it hard for our volunteers who are donating their time and food.

All visitors will be asked to sign in on arrival. Please ensure that your visitors are aware that many of the children staying in the House are seriously ill and undergoing treatment. Families staying in the House are also often facing challenges. Guests must also be made aware of House Rules, particularly those relating to smoking, alcohol and banned substances. Lastly, large groups of visitors can feel intimidating to other House families if they dominate shared spaces, so please be sensitive to others’ needs.

Where can we get food from?

We provide basic supplies such as cereal, bread, tea, coffee, sugar and milk. You will need to purchase your own daily food for breakfast, dinner and midday meals. You are allocated storage for your food and the communal kitchens will have everything you need to cook with.

For urgent basic supplies the closest dairy is on Level 5 in the main Auckland City Hospital building (two minute walk away). It’s open 7am-6pm during the week and 9am-5pm weekends. The closest supermarket is Countdown, 76 Quay Street. It is open 24 hours, 7 days.

What are the House amenities?

Between these two facilities we provide House families with a whole host of amenities including:

Three kitchens stocked with necessities
Onsite laundry for families which is open from 8am-10pm
A library
An on-site school for children in years 1-8
TV lounges
Fitness centre (Rules of Use)
Business Centre for parents
Computer and internet access
Children outdoor play areas
A range of programmes for our families to enjoy including; art classes, dinner and children’s yoga

How can we keep in touch with friends and family?

Every room in the House has a phone. Your friends and family can call you directly on this by dialling +64 9 365 8300 then your extension number. Your phone extension is the same as your room number. You can make local calls from your room by dialling 1 for an outside line.

Please ask your family and friends to send mail for your attention to:

c/- Ronald McDonald House Auckland
PO Box 110119
Auckland Hospital
Auckland, 1148

About the support services available to you

Ronald McDonald House Auckland doesn’t offer counselling or financial support for families other than a willingness to listen and emergency supplies of food items, nappies and the like.

Our mission is to offer a comfortable space while you are in Auckland away from your home, during the period your child is receiving treatment at the National Children's Hospital.

If your diagnosis is known and you haven’t already been in contact with the relevant support group for your child’s condition, let us know and we will introduce you and/or give you the contact details you need.

Each ward within the National Children's Hospital has a social worker. If you wish to see a chaplain while you are here, ask our family liaison staff to contact your choice of faith.

What do I need to bring?

Be sure to pack enough clothes and personal items for an extended stay if you are unsure how long you are going to be here. In the House we have a laundry for your use.

You do not need to bring any linen or towels as we provide these for you.

You will need to provide food for your family’s needs while here so it is a good idea to bring a bag of staple food items. Once you are here there are supermarkets nearby you can visit for a shopping trip if required. Each week at least two family dinners are provided by our supporters and bread, milk, tea, coffee and cereal are available to all families.

Personal items – toiletries, books etc.
A pushchair if required
Medical equipment your child may need.

Is there Wheelchair Access?

We have 14 bedrooms that are specifically designed for wheelchairs. If you need a room to accommodate a wheelchair, please let us know in advance so we can book one for you.

Is there parking?

We offer car parking (one car park per family) at no cost for those staying at the House.

Contact us

Ronald McDonald House Auckland has two Houses situated near the National Children’s Hospital.

Postal Address

Ronald McDonald House Auckland
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09 365 8300


Physical Address

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Ronald McDonald House - Auckland Domain
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