My Story: Kat and Bodhi Moses

I was very fortunate to be pregnant with my IVF miracle baby.

But at 30 weeks I went into spontaneous labour and within two hours my beautiful baby Bodhi was born. Being 10 weeks early meant Bodhi had a long road of hospital care ahead, but I was very fortunate to come into the care of the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Southland Hospital.

Helen at the Family Room was incredible; she was like another mother. She knew when I was down and was always there supporting me - she was my family-away-from-family. It was often the little things like Christmas presents or hugs that let us know they saw how hard it was.

We knew they saw us, and cared for our wellbeing. Sometimes I would head to the kitchen at 10pm to make a coffee and would sit down for a chat with the other mothers and parents in the Family Room. We would laugh together, cry together and it was a really incredible support network.

Bodhi is now six months old and flourishing. I’m forever thankful for the love and kindness shown to us by the Ronald McDonald Family Room.