Our Team

Wayne Howett

CEO RMHC New Zealand

First appointed CEO of RMH Auckland Trust in June 2010, and then CEO of RMHC NZ - the amalgamated trusts of RMH Auckland and RMH Wellington - in early 2015. Wayne’s time at RMHC includes four years as the first New Zealand representative advising RMHC Global on expanding its reach, strengthening the network, and mobilising support for the RMHC Mission and activities. His background in finance and business development, first at KPMG and then at both private and public sector companies in North America and New Zealand, stood him in excellent stead to think boldly and innovatively in creating the strategic direction of RMHC NZ. Wayne’s own journey as a Dad navigating his daughter’s treatment - which led his career into the social enterprise sector – gives him a unique understanding of the stresses faced by House families every day, emphasising his, and the organisation's, motto of ‘Mission, Mission, Mission’.

Secret Super Power: Dad-joke Fridays.

This place is special because… “ The stress of thinking about where to stay or what to eat when you are overwhelmed by the critical illness of your child is a feeling I would not wish on my biggest critic. The support that RMHC gives families allows them the space to focus on what’s most important – the health of their child. The staff and other families understand what you are going through without you having to say a word; being able to chat over a meal with new-found friends on a similar journey makes you feel like you can handle what life has thrown at you.”